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Nonlinear Plasmonic Sensing with Nanographene

Nonlinear Plasmonic Sensing with Nanographene

  Plasmons provide excellent sensitivity to detect analyte molecules through their strong interaction with the dielectric environment. Plasmonic sensors based on noble metals are, however, limited by the spectral broadening of these excitations. Yu and his colleagues identify a new mechanism that reveals the presence of individual molecules through the radical changes that they produce in […]

Femtosecond plasmon interferometer

Femtosecond plasmon interferometer

            Fig. 1. Schematic of the tilted slit-groove interferometer: (a)top view,(b)excitation scheme.   Melentiev and his colleagues have realized a plasmonic interferometer formed by a nanoslit and a nanogroove in a single-crystal gold film. The possibility of measuring laser pulses of ultimately short durations, corresponding to two periods of a light […]

A smartphone based surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi...

    Guner and his colleagues demonstrate a surface plasmon resonance imaging platform integrated with a smartphone to be used in the field with high-throughput bio-detection. Inexpensive and disposable SPR substrates are produced by metal coating of commercial Blu-ray discs. A compact imaging apparatus is fabricated using a 3D printer which allows taking SPR measurements […]

Tunable Fano resonance and magneto-optical response in mag...

Tunable Fano resonance and magneto-optical response in magnetoplasmonic structure fabricated by pure ferromagnetic metals

The developments in nanophotonics demand more efficient and delicate control of light. It has recently been proposed to achieve this goal by combining plasmonics and magneto-optics in so-called magnetoplasmonic nanostructures. However, significant challenges still remain because of the difficulty in the design of spectrally tunable systems exhibiting novel plasmonic and magneto-optical responses simultaneously. Here Chen […]

Congratulations on publishing “Neuroplasmonics: From...

Congratulations on publishing “Neuroplasmonics: From Kretschmann configuration to plasmonic crystals”.

Congratulations on publishing “Neuroplasmonics: From Kretschmann configuration to plasmonic crystals” in The European Physical Journal Plus. This paper is written by Foozieh Sohrabi under the direct supervision of  Dr Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi. Abstract: Recently, a worldwide attempt for understanding the functions of brain and nervous system has been made. Hence, various aspects of neuroscience have […]


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