Femtosecond plasmon interferometer







Fig. 1. Schematic of the tilted slit-groove interferometer: (a)top view,(b)excitation scheme.


Melentiev and his colleagues have realized a plasmonic interferometer formed by a nanoslit and a nanogroove in a single-crystal gold film. The possibility of measuring laser pulses of ultimately short durations, corresponding to two periods of a light wave (6 fs pulse duration), has been demonstrated using this interferometer.


Related paper:


Melentiev et al.,Femtosecond plasmon interferometer, Optics Communications, Volume 382, 2017, Pages 509-513.

A smartphone based surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) platform for on-site biodetection


Fig.1. Surface plasmon resonance imaging platform integrated with a smartphone. (a) Schematic illustration and (b) photograph of the imaging apparatus. (c) Customdeveloped smartphone application for real-time and on-site monitoring of multiple sensing spots.


Guner and his colleagues demonstrate a surface plasmon resonance imaging platform integrated with a smartphone to be used in the field with high-throughput bio-detection. Inexpensive and disposable SPR substrates are produced by metal coating of commercial Blu-ray discs. A compact imaging apparatus is fabricated using a 3D printer which allows taking SPR measurements from more than 20.000 individual pixels. Real-time bulk refractive index change measurements yield noise equivalent refractive index changes as low as4.12 × 105RIU which is comparable with the detection performance of commercial instruments. As a demonstration of a biological assay, they have shown capture of mouse IgG antibodies by immobilized layer of rabbit anti-mouse (RAM) IgG antibody with nanomolar level limit of detection. Their approach in miniaturization of SPR biosensing in a cost-effective manner could enable realization of portable SPR measurement systems and kits for point-of-care applications.



Journal reference:

Hasan Guner et al., A smartphone based surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) platform for on-site biodetection,
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 239, 2017, Pages 571-577.