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Tunable Fano resonance and magneto-optical response in magnetoplasmonic structure fabricated by pure ferromagnetic metals



The developments in nanophotonics demand more efficient and delicate control of light. It has recently been proposed to achieve this goal by combining plasmonics and magneto-optics in so-called magnetoplasmonic nanostructures. However, significant challenges still remain because of the difficulty in the design of spectrally tunable systems exhibiting novel plasmonic and magneto-optical responses simultaneously. Here Chen and his colleagues report a magnetoplasmonic structure which consists of a two-dimensional nickel nanodisk array on top of a cobalt film substrate. They demonstrate that a tunable Fano resonance can be generated in this system with properly designed geometric parameters. Furthermore, the magneto-optical Kerr responses in this system can be manipulated due to the concerted actions of free electrons in the resonance. Their results reveal the possibility of fabricating large-area magnetoplasmonic structures by a simple, mass-producible method, and tuning the plasmonic and magneto-optical responses simultaneously.


Source: http://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.93.214411

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