Nonlinear Surface Magnetoplasmonics in Kretschmann Multilayers

Nov 4, 2016 not categories

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Nonlinear magnetoplasmonics aims to utilize plasmonic
excitations to control the mechanisms and tailor the efficiencies of

nonlinear light frequency conversion at the nanoscale. Razdolski et al. investigate the
mechanisms of magnetic second-harmonic generation in hybrid gold−
cobalt−silver multilayer structures, which support propagating surface
plasmon polaritons at both fundamental and second-harmonic
frequencies. Using magneto-optical spectroscopy in Kretschmann
geometry, they show that the huge magneto-optical modulation of the
second-harmonic intensity is dominated by the excitation of surface
plasmon polaritons at the second-harmonic frequency, as shown by
tuning the optical wavelength over the spectral region of strong plasmonic dispersion. Their proof-of-principle experiment
highlights bright prospects of nonlinear magnetoplasmonics and contributes to the general understanding of the nonlinear optics
of magnetic surfaces and interfaces.


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