Magnetoplasmonics Lab

Archives September 10, 2022

Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Optik

Tunable plasmon induced transparency in one-dimensional gold nano-grating as a new kind of neuro-transmitter sensor

Hussam Jawad Kadhim, Haider Al-Mumen, H.H. Nahi, S.M. Hamidi*

The plasmon induce-transparency (PIT) is a promising research area for slow light, nonlinearity, metamaterial, and sensing applications. This physical phenomenon originated in plasmonic nanostructures with the interference between wideband (superradiant) and narrowband (subradiant) states (modes). We report tunable plasmon-induced transparency in one-dimensional gold nano-grating electro-plasmonic consisting of a straight nanorod of gold grating embedded in the polycarbonate layer, which combines the plasmonic properties of gold nanostructure and the external applying voltage. Tunable PIT is achieved under the excitation of power supply from 1 v to 3 v, with spectroscopy employed to monitor the changes of transmission spectrum with different voltages applied on the plasmonic periodically with the surface plasmon resonance. Also, we use this plasmonic sensor to sense and monitor dopamine concentration as a neurotransmitter. The results revealed that we obtain a clear sharp window for tunable PIT and a good sensor to sense the dopamine concentration.