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Archives September 26, 2022

News On Lasers

In this days, the Journal of Light: Science & Applications published a new paper entitled as “Quantum dot lasing from a waterproof and stretchable polymer film”

Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) are excellent optical gain materials that combine high material gain, a strong absorption of pump light, stability under strong light exposure and a suitability for solution-based processing. The integration of QDs in laser cavities that fully exploit the potential of these emerging optical materials remains, however, a challenge. In this work, we report on a vertical cavity surface emitting laser, which consists of a thin film of QDs embedded between two layers of polymerized chiral liquid crystal. Forward directed, circularly polarized defect mode lasing under nanosecond-pulsed excitation is demonstrated within the photonic band gap of the chiral liquid crystal. Stable and long-term narrow-linewidth lasing of an exfoliated free-standing, flexible film under water is obtained at room temperature. Moreover, we show that the lasing wavelength of this flexible cavity shifts under influence of pressure, strain or temperature. As such, the combination of solution processable and stable inorganic QDs with high chiral liquid crystal reflectivity and effective polymer encapsulation leads to a flexible device with long operational lifetime, that can be immersed in different protic solvents to act as a sensor.