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10th Anniversary of our lovely lab

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News on Fiber Optic Biosensor

The Journal of International Journal Bioautomation published a paper entitled as “Application of Fiber Optic Biosensor in Detection of Sports Analeptic

Abstract: To improve the efficiency and accuracy of analeptic detection in competitive sports, a new kind of optical fiber biosensor is proposed. The competition law and the ligand binding theory are applied, and according to the combination proportion of competitive molecular of analeptic molecules and its fluorescence labeled in the receptor, the information of analeptic molecular content is transformed into fluorescence signal intensity. The results showed that the lowest concentration of the estrogen and androgen that can be detected by the fiber optic biosensor is 10-9 mol/L; physical response time is less than 0.1 seconds; the system error for repeating the experiment is less than 0.25%; agarose SAMs can be saved more than 30 d at -4 ºC light avoidance condition. It is concluded that the sensor has good reliability, accuracy, stability and repeatability as well as high sensitivity so that it is especially suitable for the screening detection of analeptic.