Magnetoplasmonics Lab

Archives August 4, 2023

Congratulations for our new paper in JOSAB

Magneto-optical engineering by plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces in a CoFeB perforated microstructure

N. S. Shnan, N. Roostaei, AND S. M. Hamidi

We have investigated theoretically and experimentally the effect of plasmonic and all-dielectric metasurfaces on the magneto-optical response of the 2D periodic structure. For this purpose, we fabricate polydimethylsiloxane-based 2D microstructures. So, we coated them with a gold layer and a TiO2 dielectric layer as plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces, respectively, CoFeB as the prominent magneto-optical thin films. We record the spectral magneto optical longitudinal Kerr effect under 40 mT, and the spectrometer’s response in all visible regions. Our results show that the electric and magnetic dipole moments enhance the magneto-optical response by factors of one and two in two closer channels in 650 and 660 nm in an all-dielectric structure, respectively. The plasmonic hot spot-based magneto-optical enhancement is also confirmed in two other media with an enhancement factor of two.