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Archives August 16, 2023

News On Photoacoustic Imaging

In these days, the Journal of Nano Convergence published a new paper entitled as “Functional photoacoustic imaging: from nano‑ and micro‑ to macro‑scale”

Byullee Park, Donghyeon Oh, Jeesu Kim, and Chulhong Kim

Functional photoacoustic imaging is a promising biological imaging technique that offers such unique benefits as scalable resolution and imaging depth, as well as the ability to provide functional information. At nanoscale, photoacoustic imaging has provided super-resolution images of the surface light absorption characteristics of materials and of single organelles in cells. At the microscopic and macroscopic scales. photoacoustic imaging techniques have precisely measured and quantified various physiological parameters, such as oxygen saturation, vessel morphology, blood flow, and the metabolic rate of oxygen, in both human and animal subjects. This comprehensive review provides an overview of functional photoacoustic imaging across multiple scales, from nano to macro, and highlights recent advances in technology developments and applications. Finally, the review surveys the future prospects of functional photoacoustic imaging in the biomedical field.