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Archives September 16, 2023

News on Plasmonic

In these days, the journal of small science published a new paper entitled as “Switching on Versatility: Recent Advances in Switchable Plasmonic Nanostructures”

Plasmonic nanostructures are emerging as a promising avenue for nanophotonics due to their extreme light and thermal confinement, ultrafast manipulation processes, and potential uses in device miniaturization. However, their fixed functions have limited their versatility in applications. This review provides an overview of recent switchable plasmonic nanostructure engineering techniques, focusing on methods that provide reversible switchability. Passive optical switching, active structure-tunable switching, active material-based switching, and advanced applications, such as multifunctional biomedical sensing, energy harvesting, and dynamic optical devices, are discussed. The specific methods and techniques used to engineer switchable plasmonic nanostructures are also highlighted. By understanding the latest developments and overall trends, this review is expected to help researchers design and fabricate advanced plasmonic nanostructures with unprecedented switch ability and versatility for various applications.