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Archives November 25, 2023

Congratulations for our new paper

Many Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of scientific reports:

Quasi‑BIC based all‑dielectric metasurfaces for ultra‑sensitive
refractive index and temperature sensing

Seyedeh Bita Saadatmand, VahidAhmadi1* & Seyedeh Mehri hamidi

Abstract- In this paper, an all-dielectric metasurface that measures refractive index and temperature using silicon disks is presented. It can simultaneously produce three resonances excited by a magnetic toroidal dipole, magnetic toroidal quadrupole, and electric toroidal dipole, in the THz region. Asymmetric structures are used to generate two quasi-bound states in the continuum (BIC) resonances with ultra-high-quality factors driven by magnetic and electric toroidal dipoles. We numerically study and show the dominant electromagnetic excitations in the three resonances through near-field analysis and cartesian multipole decomposition. The effects of geometric parameters, scaling properties, polarization angles, incident angles, and silicon losses are also investigated. The proposed metasurface is an excellent candidate for sensing due to the extremely high-quality factor of the quasi-BICs. The results demonstrate that the sensitivities for liquid and gas detection are Sl = 569.1 GHz/RIU and Sg = 529 GHz/RIU for magnetic toroidal dipole, and Sl = 532 GHz/RIU and Sg = 498.3 GHz/RIU for electric toroidal dipole, respectively. Furthermore, the sensitivity for temperature monitoring can reach up to 20.24 nm/°C. This work presents a valuable reference for developing applications in the THz region such as optical modulators, multi-channel biochemical sensing, and optical switches.