Magnetoplasmonics Lab

Archives December 11, 2023

Our new paper on all-optical switches

Our new ŮŽArticle in Journal of Optical Materials

Thermo-Plasmon-assisted all-optical switches based on coupled micro-cavities

Hayder Maki Hamodi, Raad Sami Fyath, Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi

Given the major applications of optical switches in the next generation electronics, plasmon assisted all-optical switch is proposed based on plasmonic micro ring arrays covered with the graphene layer. For this purpose, we use a laser writing system to fabricate micro hole arrays and cover them by plasmonic gold thin film via sputtering machine, with chemical vapor deposition method being used to produce graphene layer. After theoretically and experimentally evaluating the plasmonic substrate, we use ellipsometric method to characterize the optical modes of the samples. Furthermore, the all-optical and gated switches response is recorded for the fabricated sample. Our results show phase delay plasmon induced switching as well as thermo-plasmonic affected benefit for the proposed switching structure in the order of 0.29 second (duty cycle). The suggested switch with its low power consumption, small size, and easier and low-cost fabrication process can open new insight into plasmon-assisted all-optical switches.