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Archives December 15, 2023

News on refractive index sensing

In these days, the journal of Photonics Research published a paper entitled as “Reflection-type surface lattice resonances in all-metal metasurfaces for refractive index sensing“

Surface lattice resonance (SLR) is a pretty effective mechanism to realize ultranarrow linewidths in the spectrum. Herein, we propose and demonstrate reflection-type SLRs in all-metal metasurfaces experimentally, compared with the traditional transmission-type SLR, which can avoid the refractive index (RI) mismatch problem and are more suitable for high-efficiency RI sensing due to direct contact and strong light–matter interaction. The measured SLR linewidth is 13.5 nm influenced by the meta-atom size, which needs a compromise design to keep a balance between the narrow linewidth and noise immunity. Notably, the SLR sensitivity is determined by the lattice period along the polarization direction with regularity, which establishes an intuitive link between structures and optical responses and provides a theoretical guide for metasurface designs. Additionally, incident angle multiplexing will make the resonance wavelength red shift or blue shift in the case of orthogonal polarization. The rectangular array metasurface can realize dual SLRs with different sensing performances. Flexibly, the SLR can also be formed by the different meta-atoms and arrays. This research supports SLR multifarious applications involving not only RI sensing but also nonlinear optics, nano-lasers, etc.