Magnetoplasmonics Lab

About us

Research Activities:


  1. Synthesis of metallic and magnetic nanoparticles
  2. Synthesis of magnetic nano rods
  3. Investigation of surface plasmon resonance phenomena
  4. Design, fabrication and characterization of multilayered magnetoplasmonic structures
  5. Neuro-plasmonics
  6. Plexitonics
  7. Fabrication and characterization of thin plasmonic layers
  8. Magneto-optical isolators
  9. Photonic and magneto-photonic crystals
  10. Design and fabrication of microwave filters
  11. Measurement of spectral magneto-optical response  in Kerr and Faraday geometries
  12. Design of all optical gates based on photonic crystals
  13. Design  of all optical gates based on nonlinear waveguides

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