Congratulation for our new Paper in Journal of Optik

Jun 10, 2023 not categories

Glucose sensor based on ellipsometry and circular dichroism in achiral plasmonic structure

Y. Mazhdi, S. M. Hamidi, V. I. Belotelov, A. I. Chernov, R. A. Ejbarah, F. Sohrabi

Various efforts have been made to detect minimum value of glucose in any medium like water or body buffer solutions with high-sensitivity, accurate, and low-cost sensors in order to ameliorate health condition. Therefore, the present study, we have investigated reliability of two-dimensional plasmonic structure by circular dichroism (CD) and ellipsometry tools for detecting different concentrations of glucose. Phase difference between p- and s-polarized light was acquired using ellipsometry technique under the condition of plasmonic-enhanced near-field chirality for the proposed achiral plasmonic 2D grating. Our results confirmed a dependency of the CD signal on glucose concentrations and also a significant sensitivity based on the phase difference between each polarization in ellipsometry parameters with the help of an achiral plasmonic structure.