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Aug 15, 2021 not categories

Thermoplasmonic effect onto Toad physiology signals by plasmonic microchip structure

S. Akbari, S. M. Hamidi*, H. Eftekhari, A. Soheilian

Cardiovascular diseases are considered as the leading cause of death and almost 80% of deaths from this disease are developed in poor and less developed countries where early detection facilities are less available, along with overlooking the importance of screening. In other words, real-time monitoring of the physiological signals using flexible and wearable biosensors plays an important role in human life style. Thus, the present study aims to propose two dimensional flexible and wearable gold covered plasmonic samples as a physiological signal recorder, in which chips with nano array of resonant nanowire patterns performing in an integrated platform of plasmonic devices. The produced surface plasmon waves in our main chip were paired with an electric wave from the heart pulse and it use for recording and detecting the heartbeat of a toad with high accuracy. This measurement was performed in normal state and under external laser heating process to check the ability of signal recording and also thermoplasmonic effect onto the toad’s heart signal. Our results show that our sensor was enough sensitive for detection while raising the body temperature of the toad and changing its heart rate as flatting T and P waves by thermoplasmonic effect.