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Jul 28, 2021 not categories

Detection of Scorpion Venom by Optical Circular Dichroism Method

Y. Mazhdi, S. M. Hamidi

Various efforts have been made to detect minimum amounts of any toxic materials in water or the neurotoxic effect of venom (Odontobuthus Doriae Scorpion) in the humans҆ blood serum nerve by high-sensitivity, accurate, and low-cost sensors in order to enhance life style. Therefore, the present study was done to investigate reliability of two-dimensional plasmonic structure and circular dichroism (CD) in toxic samples in order to measure and determine venom concentrations and its neurotoxic effect on humans҆ blood serum Neurotransmitter analytes. Our results confirmed dependency of CD signal to neurotoxic effect of venom concentrations and good sensitivity of this sensor with the help of achiral plasmonic structure.