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Congratulation to our new paper in Applied Physics A

Congratulation to our new paper in Applied Physics A

Footprint of Plexcitonic States in Low Power Green Blue Plasmonic Random Laser

S. F. Haddawi, M. Mirahmadi, H. Mbarak, A.K. Kodeary, M. Ghasemi, S. M. hamidi .

Green – blue plasmonic random laser is attained by two dimensional plexcitonic structure. The main gain plexcitonic media contained two dimensional periodic arrays of Gold nanowires which is covered by dye layer. Due to the change in the strength of exciton and plasmon coupling in these plexcitonic gain structures, different close loop and thus random lasing must be takes place. For this purpose, we fabricate six samples with different plexcitonic power and pumped fabricated two dimensional nanostructures by green nano-second pulsed laser. Our results show efficient coherent random lasing due to the plexcitonic nanostructure in the blue because two photon absorption and also green part of the visible spectral region considering its applicability in the design and fabrication of compact and miniaturized random laser sources.

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