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May 19, 2023 not categories

Photonic Crystal biosensors for health care and pathologic diagnostic application

Amir Reza Sadrolhosseini1, Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi1, Farnaz Amouyan

Recently, the application of photonic crystals was considered for recognizing chemical and biochemical molecules. A photonic crystal is a periodic dielectric structure, and it is categorized into one dimension, two dimensions, and three dimensions. The photonic band gap is the significant parameter in a photonic crystal. The photonic band gap manages the forbidden frequency and range of wavelength in the photonic crystal. Therefore, the response of photonic crystal can be adjusted using a photonic band gap and can be designed to detect biomolecules and chemical molecules. In this chapter, the various type of photonic crystals structure and the mechanism of a photonic crystal for biosensors have been considered for the detection and monitoring of biomolecules and biotargets, including nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) proteins, and cancer cells.