Congratulations for our new paper in International Journal of Optics and Photonics

Oct 24, 2021 not categories

Flat and Flexible 2D Plasmonic Crystal for Color Production

Neda Roostaei, S. M. Hamidi

Abstract— Recently, color production by using plasmonic structures has widely been studied. In this research, a flat and flexible two-dimensional Kapton-copper plasmonic crystal with very low thickness has been fabricated in a new and optimal way. Color production is performed using our proposed plasmonic structure and different colors are achieved by changing the incidence angle of light. Also, the plasmonic resonance response of the fabricated structure has been recorded at the incidence angle of 58 degrees. Advantages of our proposed structure are low cost, easy fabrication, and very small dimensions, and thus this research can be useful due to the increasing needs for the integration and miniaturizing of optical devices in modern nanophotonic systems.