Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Applied Physics A

Nov 5, 2022 not categories

The bull’s‑eye structure as a new plexcitonic circular grating

T. Mahinroosta, S. M. Hamidi*

We theoretically demonstrate the strong coupling between plasmons and excitons in the plexcitonic circular grating. The J-aggregate molecules, as one of the excitonic materials, have unique optical properties, which is an excellent choice for a wide range of optoelectronic applications. In this hybrid system, the J-aggregate thickness and position has important role in exciton-plasmon coupling. For this reason, we consider two different plasmonic hybrid structures as the Au core@shell, and circular grating. Our results illustrate that, the Rabi splitting values for Au core @ J-aggregate layer is calculated to be 118 meV and for the Au core–J-aggregate layer–Au layer rach to 128 meV which is confimes that plexcitonic circular grating shows stronger couplings than the plexcitonic core@shell structure.