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May 31, 2021 not categories

Transition from incoherent to coherent Random Lasing by Adjusting Silver Nanowires

R. A. Ejbarah, J. M. Jassim, S. F. Haddawi, S. M. Hamidi

The features of silver nanowire random laser (different sizes and concentrations)-based random lasers with a fixed concentration of laser dye rhodamine B pumped by a nanosecond pulsed laser were indicated. It was shown that the sizes and concentrations of scattering centers greatly affect the optical amplification mechanism, thresholds, narrowing the emission intensity and then the transition from the incoherent to a coherent type of random laser. The emergence of spikes and the increase in their number are also discussed under the influence of the size and concentration of silver (Ag) nanowires. The gain narrowing and the enhancement factor were calculated to reinforce obtained results.