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Aug 13, 2020 not categories

Phase-Sensitive Pulse Sensor Using Two-Dimensional Active Plasmonics on Conformal Substrates

Foozieh Sohrabi, Mohsen Kiaei, Tayebeh Mahinroosta and Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi

Real-time monitoring of the vital signals using flexible and portable biosensors plays an important role in future human life. However, there is most often a tradeoff between the improvement of the mechanical properties of these sensing chips and their sensitivity. In this study, we proposed two-dimensional polydimethylsiloxane/Au and silk/Au chips with microhole and microparticle patterns performing in an integrated platform of plasmonic-ellipsometry. Under external sinusoidal signal, we observed the regular dependency of the optical responses and plasmonic resonances on the frequency and not on the current. Using integrated plasmonic-ellipsometry technique and the phenomenon of active plasmonics, PDMS/Au microhole chip has demonstrated that Δ and Ψ parameters became lesser by increasing the frequency and the resonance wavelength underwent the redshift. However, for silk/Au chip with inverse pattern of microparticle bumps, Δ and Ψ had augmentation trend with respect to the frequency and the resonance wavelength shifted to shorter wavelengths. By optical and thermal analysis, we have demonstrated that this study can open new insight in fabricating optically phase and amplitude sensitive biosensors based on conformal substrates with thermo-optical properties that can behave in redshift and blueshift regimes.

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