Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Nanoscale

Feb 21, 2021 not categories

Nanophotonic Structures with Optical Surface modes for Tunable Spin Current Generation

P.V. Penkina, D.O. Ignatyeva, P.O. Kapralov, S.K. Sekatskii, M. Nur-E-Alam, M. Vasiliev, K. Alameh, A.V. Gopal, Y.Song, S.M. Hamidi, A.K. Zvezdin and V.I. Belotelov

Spintronics has been demonstrated to be very promising for data processing and storage. However, the problem of the efficient and tunable spin current generation still seeks for new solutions. We propose a novel type of photonic-crystal (PC) based structures for efficient and tunable optically-induced spin generation via the Spin Seebeck and inverse spin Hall effects. We experimentally demonstrate that excitation of the surface modes localized at the PC surface covered with materials with giant spin orbit coupling allows us to enhance light-matter interaction and to increase the efficiency of the optical generation of spin currents. Moreover, it is shown that spintronic PC-based nanostructures allow for tunability and miniaturization of the spintronic system via additional patterning.