Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Optical and Quantum Electronics

Jun 20, 2022 not categories

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of two dimensional SrTiO3 nano structures for dye degradation

Y. AlIssa, S. T. Sajjadian, S. M. Hamidi, S. Sadeghi, M. R. Nabid

The combination of the properties of nanostructures, photocatalytic semiconductors, and plasmonic materials can significantly contribute to improving the performance of the entire photocatalysis process. We tried to produce a unique catalyst by combining these three properties. We have produced a two-dimensional nanostructure which was then coated with gold as a plasmonic material followed by SrTiO3 as semiconductor material. The result was the production of the first catalyst of its kind made in this way, which offered notable results. The degradation ability of the sample was examined with different degrees of pH of rhodamine B dye, where we achieved the highest degradation, 16%, at pH10.