Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Optics Express

Jan 26, 2023 not categories

Bloch surface wave-atom coupling in One-Dimensional photonic crystal structure

M. Asadolah Salmanpour, m. mosleh, S. M. Hamidi*

Considering efforts for hot atomic vapor-nanophotonics integration as a new paradigm in quantum optics, in this paper, we introduce 1D photonic crystal-Rb vapor cell as structure with miniaturized interaction volume. The Bloch surface wave (BSW) excited on surface of a photonic crystal as electromagnetic hosting photonic mode, and altered the optical response of Rb atoms in the vicinity of surface. Coupling of atomic states with BSW confined modes would lead to quantum interference effects and results in nonlinearities in resonant coupling of atoms with BSW. We show Bloch surface wave induced transparency is highly stable under a change of incidence angle. Our results show slight changes in transitions detuning’s due to nonlinear interactions like the Casimire-Polder effect under change of localized density of optical states.