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Congratulations for our new paper in journal of Optik

Congratulations for our new paper in journal of Optik

Vertically emitted dual wavelength Random laser based on light emitting polymers and silver nanowires double cavity structure

S. F. Haddawi1,2, A.K. Kodeary1,2, N.S. Shnan1,2, N. Roostaei1, S. M. Hamidi1,*, Hammad R. Humud3

Red and blue two wavelength miniaturized random laser is desired based on double cavity silver nanowires and light emitting polymers. For this purpose, we use silver nano wires into poly-vinyl-pyrolydone polymer as the cavities between three different light emitting polymers. After evaluating the sample as a five-layer system by plasmonic imaging system based on high numerical aperture objective lens and the nonlinearity by Z Scan technique, its lasing was collected in transmission setup. To achieve multi-wavelengths random laser, the samples were pumped by nanosecond green laser and the lasing due to the nonlinearity of layers and surface plasmon resonance of nano wires, as well as their scattering, collected by spectrometer in a vertical situation. The results indicated the broadband emission in the vicinity of green wavelength and coherence lasing in the blue region due to the enhanced nonlinearity for two times because of our structure. In addition, the threshold lasing reduces the minimum value along with the maximum of emission intensity in two wavelength regions.

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