Congratulations for Our new paper in Journal of Physica Status Solidi b

Aug 18, 2020 not categories

Strong exciton-plasmon coupling in waveguide based plexcitonic nanostructure
T. Mahinroosta, S. M. Hamidi

A new two-dimensional plexcitonic structure based on coupled-resonator optical waveguides is demonstrated to enhance light-matter interactions in the J-aggregate molecules coupled to the plasmonic resonator. For this purpose, we define four different plexcitonic structures by adjusting the coverage of dye medium over the plasmonic structures and forward or backward illumination directions, which examined by the finite difference time domain method. Our results show that several parameters could be used to sweep plasmon-exciton coupling in the weak, intermediate, and strong coupling regimes such as the type of structures (single or array of nanodisks), the radius of nanodisks, the direction of the incident light and the concentration of JA molecules. From the presented results, there are remarkable values for Rabi splitting by tuning these parameters, and it has achieved that the sample with the coverage of dye in the style of the plasmonic pattern in the backward illumination offers higher strength of the plasmon-exciton coupling, and then Rabi splitting is about 670 meV for the radius set to 90 nm. This amount of splitting in this new kind of plexcitonic structure can open new insight in low cost and efficient hybrid structures.

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