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Jan 22, 2021 not categories

Red and Blue color production by flexible all-dielectric structure

N. Roostaei, N. S. Shnan, S. M. Hamidi

Color production by using plasmonic structures has been extensively studied. Due to the inherent damping of plasmons, such plasmonic structures are challenging to produce high-resolution color. Recently, color production by using all-dielectric metasurfaces has attracted much attention. Here, all-dielectric structure with different dimensions were fabricated by a nanoimprint lithography method. Color production in both reflection and transmission modes and imaging using metasurfaces were performed. The refractive index of our fabricated metasurface was calculated, and the effect of refractive index changes onto the loss, transparency, and also resolution of image and color production has been investigated. By considering the low cost and high resolution, this research will be useful for the structural color production in industrial applications.