Congratulations for our new paper

Nov 1, 2023 not categories

Many Congratulations for our new paper in Journal of Optical Material Express:

Light blocking and phase modulation based on Thermo-Plasmonic hotspots in WS2 monolayer

Hayder Maki Hamodi, Raad Sami Fyath, Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi

Here we demonstrate light blocking and phase modulation in nano-plasmonic donate shape rings based on the thermo-plasmonic effect in these structures. For this purpose, we use a laser writing system to fabricate nanohole arrays and cover them with plasmonic gold thin film via a sputtering machine. The chemical vapor deposition method is also used to produce WS2 layer which is suitable for light blocking and phase modulation due to, nonlinearity of this two-dimensional material. After theoretically and experimentally evaluating the plasmonic donate shaped substrate, we use ellipsometric method to characterize the optical modes of the samples and record the switching manner and light blocking phenomena under the probe laser excitation set to 980 nm. Our results show phase modulation based on thermo-plasmonic effect of nano gap in donated double rings and light blocking by thermal expansion of the WS2 layer which can open new insight in plasmon and two-dimensional material-based devices.