Dual-band infrared perfect absorber for plasmonic sensor based on the electromagnetically induced reflection-like effect

Jan 2, 2017 not categories
Proposed structure of Liu and his colleagues

Liu and his colleagues present a scheme for realizing a narrow-dual-band perfect absorber based on the plasmonic analogy of the electromagnetically induced reflection (EIR)-like effect. In their scheme, two short gold bars are excited strongly by incident plane wave serving as the bright mode. The middle gold bar is excited by two short gold bars. Due to the strong hybridization between the two short gold bars and the middle gold bar, two absorption peaks occur. The corresponding absorption rates are both over 99%. The quality factors of the two absorption peaks are 41.76 (198.47 THz) and 71.42 (207.79 THz), respectively, and the narrow-distance of the two absorption peaks is 9.32 THz. Therefore, they are narrow enough for the absorber to be a filter and a dual-band plasmonic sensor.

Source: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0030401816302267

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