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ICNP 2016 The 9th International Conference on Nanophotonics

ICNP 2016 The 9th International Conference on Nanophotonics

The International Conference on Nanophotonics (ICNP) will be held from 21-25 March 2016 at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.


This conference is a unique event where the latest advances in optics and photonics both in nano- and micro-scale will be reported and discussed. This conference primarily aims to explore novel ideas in nanophotonic science and technology that might enable technological breakthroughs in high impact areas such as biomedical and life sciences; information processing; communications; energy harvesting and storage; environment and conservation. The comprehensive coverage of conference themes, including microscopy and nanoscopy, silicon photonics; quantum optics; metamaterials; plasmonics; transformation optics; materials for micro- and nano-photonics; nanofabrication; and photonic devices, ensures researchers in this exciting field always have the opportunity to report their work and exchange information with fellow co-workers.

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