META’15, the 6th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics

Aug 5, 2015 not categories

City College of New York, New York City, NY, USA

August 4, 2015 – August 7, 2015

The International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META) features every year the latest developments in the area of Nanophotonic, Metamaterials and related topics.

META 2015

The conference program consists of plenary lectures, keynote talks, special sessions of invited talks, general sessions and high-profile poster sessions that typically cover a broad range of exciting physics, such as metamaterials and negative index materials, metatronics and graphene metamaterials, plasmonics and nanophotonics, plasmon-enhanced photovoltaics, photonic and plasmonic crystals and cavities, materials for photonics (Graphene, MoS2, WS2, etc), quantum photonics, nanobiophotonics, structured light, near-field optics and nano-optics, transformational electromagnetics and cloaking, acoustic metamaterials, optomechanics, nanofabrication technologies, etc.

The conference program typically features an excursion program and a banquet.


Previous META conferences:




2015 Vinod Menon, Said Zouhdi New York, USA
2014 Nikolay Zheludev, Jing Hua Teng, Said Zouhdi Singapore
2013 Hamid M. K. Al-Naimiy, Said Zouhdi Sharjah-Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2012 Xavier Begaud, Said Zouhdi Paris, France
2010 Hadia Elhennawy, Said Zouhdi Cairo, Egypt
2008 Alexey Vinogradov, Said Zouhdi Marrakesh, Morocco
2002 Said Zouhdi Marrakesh, Morocco


META15 Plenary Speakers

META’15 general chair :         Said Zouhdi   –  Paris-Sud University, France


META’15 general co-chair :    Vinod M. Menon  –  City College of New York, USA


META15 Plenary Speakers :    Sir Michael Berry, Federico Capasso, Nader Engheta, Claire Gmachl, Atac Imamoglu, Mikhail Lukin, Vlasimir Shalaev, Nikolay Zheludev



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