Feb 11, 2021 not categories

In this days, Journal of Optics Express publishes a new paper entitled as “Local field enhancement using a photonic-plasmonic nanostructure”

Over the last few years, optical nanoantennas are continuously attracting interest owing to their ability to efciently confne, localize resonance, and signifcantly enhanced electromagnetic felds at a subwavelength scale. However, such strong confnement can be further enhanced by using an appropriate combination of optical nanoantennas and Slanted Bound states in the continuum cavities. Here, we propose to synergistically bridge the plasmonic nanoantennas and high optical quality-factor cavities to numerically demonstrate six orders of magnitude local intensity enhancement without critical coupling conditions. The proposed hybrid system paves a new way for applications requiring highly confned felds such as optical trapping, optical sensing, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, etc.