News On Atomic Magnetometer

Nov 30, 2021 not categories

The Journal of Physics published a paper entitled as “Design of non-magnetic temperature control system for atomic vapor cell of atomic magnetometer”

Abstract. In order to make the atomic magnetometer work, the heater of the atomic vapor cell must ensure that the temperature can be accurately controlled and the magnetic noise should be reduced as much as possible. This work proposed a non-magnetic heater and designed a corresponding temperature control system. It shows that the heater structure has good heat preservation performance and so, control of the heating process is made easy. The test results indicate that the fluctuation range of vapor cell temperature is less than 0.018 ℃, 0.015 ℃ and 0.006 ℃ respectively at 40 ℃, 50 ℃ and 60 ℃. The effect of heater on the magnetic field cannot be observed by fluxgate magnetometer HS-MS-FG3LN-100 (<300pT).