News On Atomic Magnetometers

Dec 28, 2022 not categories

The Journal of IEEE Sensors Letters published a paper entitled as “Microfabricated shaped rubidium vapor cell for miniaturized atomic magnetometers”

Abstract:In this letter, we present a novel microfabricated shaped rubidium vapor cell with 3 cm optical path length for miniaturized atomic magnetometers. The novel shaped rubidium vapor cells are manufactured by a wafer-level fabrication process, and the process consists of the following three steps sequentially: first, wet etching to form oblong shallow cavity arrays; second, anodic bonding, glass reflowing, and wet etching to obtain a glass wafer with shaped structures; third, anodic bonding and chemical reaction to obtain the wafer-level shaped rubidium vapor cells. A miniaturized atomic magnetometer using the novel shaped rubidium vapor cell is characterized in the geomagnetic environment. The performance of the novel shaped rubidium vapor cell is compared with the traditional microfabricated rubidium vapor cell of a “glass–silicon–glass” sandwich structure. Results show that the measured geomagnetic field is 47.85 μT. It is demonstrated that the dispersive signal’s slope of the novel shaped rubidium vapor cell is 15 times larger than that of the traditional one. Results also indicate that the miniaturized atomic magnetometer working in the geomagnetic environment has a magnetic noise spectral density of 3.5 pT/Hz 1/2 from 1 to 2 Hz.