News On Magneto-Electronic

Mar 1, 2021 not categories

In this days, the Journal of Nano Energy publishes a new paper entitled as “A multiferroic module for biomechanical energy harvesting”

The growth and ubiquitous use of mobile electronics and the Internet of Things is driving a rapid surge in research into self-powered personal electronic devices and sensor networks. Scavenging human biomechanical energy via piezoelectricity or triboelectricity is a viable strategy to address the limited lifespan and periodic recharging issues of conventional batteries. Here, we report a self-charging multiferroic module for sustainable operation of personal mobile electronics, by exploiting multiferroic composites in response to biomechanical energy via mechano magneto-electric energy conversion. The multiferroic energy harvesting module consists of a movable permanent magnet that transduces mechanical energy into magnetic energy, and a pair of piezoelectric/ magnetostrictive magnetoelectric (ME) laminates that function to convert magnetic energy into electrical energy. The multiferroic energy harvesting device exhibits an efficient mechano-magneto-electric energy conversion performance with open-circuit voltage of  ~ 17 V and short-circuit current ~ 7.2 µA under mechanical excitation equivalent to human running. This multiferroic module has been demonstrated during human running as a viable power source for temperature and humidity sensors, Bluetooth arphones and night running indicators, which suggests application in sustainable personal electronics and even the Internet of Things.