News on magnetoplasmonics

Mar 22, 2020 not categories

In these days, ACS Applied materials & interfaces journal publishes a paper entitled as “Magnetic Layer-by-Layer Assembly: From
Linear Plasmonic Polymers to Oligomers”

One-dimensional (1D) nanostructures with controllable aspect ratios are essential for a wide range of applications. An approach for magnetic superparticle (SP) assembly over large areas (55 mm × 25 mm) is introduced via co-assistance of electrostatic and magnetic fields, so-called magnetic layer-by-layer (MLBL) assembly, on an arbitrary hydrophilic substrate within minutes. The SP structures (diameter (d.) = 120-350 nm) of Fe3O4 or Ag@Fe3O4 composites composed of hundreds of magnetite nanocrystals (d. 10–20 nm) are used as colloidal monomers to fabricate arrays of high-aspect-ratio (up to 102) linear nanochains, viz. colloidal polymers, where thermal disturbances were minimized. The arrays of colloidal polymers exhibit strong optical polarization effects owing to their geometrical anisotropy, which can be used as a simple optical filter.

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