News On Nonlinear Plasmonics

Jan 6, 2021 not categories

In this days, the Journal of Sensors publishes a new paper entitled as “Few Percent Efficient Polarization-Sensitive Conversion in Nonlinear Plasmonic Interactions Inside Oligomeric Gold Structures”

Abstract: The backscattering spectra of a 500 nm thick gold film, which was excited near the 525 nm transverse localized plasmon resonance of its constituent, self-organized, vertically-aligned nanorods by normally incident 515 nm, 300 fs laser pulses with linear, radial, azimuthal and circular polarizations, revealed a few-percent conversion into Stokes and anti-Stokes side-band peaks. The investigation of these spectral features based on the nanoscale characterization of the oligomeric structure and numerical simulations of its backscattering response indicated nonlinear Fano-like plasmonic interactions, particularly the partially degenerate four-wave mixing comprised by the visible-range transverse plasmon resonance of the individual nanorods and an IR-range collective mode of the oligomeric structure. Such oligomeric structures in plasmonic films may greatly enhance inner nonlinear electromagnetic interactions and inner near-IR hotspots, paving the way for their engineered IR tunability for broad applications in chemosensing and biosensing.