News on Photonic Crystals

Jun 22, 2023 not categories

The Journal of Physics: Conference Series published a paper entitled as “Photonic Crystal Design for Bloch Surface Wave Sensing

Abstract. Bloch Surface Waves (BSW) consist of electromagnetic modes generated at the interface between a photonic crystal and an isotropic dielectric. This type of surface mode displays sharp resonances and high sensitivity to external refractive index variations, and thus appears to be an ideal candidate for usage in optical sensors. Nevertheless, design and optimization of photonic crystals is not a trivial task and constitutes an ongoing field of research. The sensitivity of BSW in both refractometric and adsorption sensing is calculated analytically using first-order perturbation theory for TE modes, allowing the understanding of how several physical parameters of the photonic crystal influence the sensitivity. Preliminary experimental results are presented, which aim to use the analytical calculations to allow for both refractometric and adsorption sensing in a single photonic crystal structure.