News On Plasmonic Bio-sensing

May 22, 2022 not categories

The Journal of Physics published a paper entitled as “Plasmonic biosensor based on excellently absorbable adjustable plasmon-induced transparency in black phosphorus and graphene metamaterials”

Both black phosphorus (BP) and graphene metamaterials support surface plasmon resonance that is very sensitive to the local change of dielectric properties in the system. We design a novel BP ribbons and graphene sheet hybrid structures based on tunable mid-infrared plasmon-induced transparency. The destructive interference of two excited state modes in the structure leads to a pronounced induced transparent window, and the excellent absorption of the two channels is obtained. The transmission characteristics of the hybrid structures are theoretical calculation, and the results are in good agreement with the numerical simulation curve. The dynamic adjustment function can be realized by adjusting the carrier density of BP and the Fermi level of graphene, and the excellent absorption performance not affected within the adjustment range. Moreover, we found that the optical phase is rapid flips at the plasmon resonance position. Therefore, a sensing medium layer is added on top of the structure to implement a high-sensitivity plasmonic biosensor. This work may provide potential applications to plasmonic devices based on two-dimensional metamaterial.