News On Plasmonic photodetectors

Jan 23, 2023 not categories

In these days, the Journal of Nanomaterials published a new paper entitled as “Synthesis and Deposition of Silver Nanowires on Porous Silicon as an Ultraviolet Light Photodetector”

The applications of silver nanowires (AgNWs) are clearly relevant to their purity and morphology. Therefore, the synthesis parameters should be precisely adjusted in order to obtain AgNWs with a high aspect ratio. Consequently, controlling the reaction time versus the reaction temperature of the AgNWs is crucial to synthesize AgNWs with a high crystallinity and is important in fabricating optoelectronic devices. In this work, we tracked the morphological alterations of AgNWs during the growth process in order to determine the optimal reaction time and temperature. Thus, here, the UV–Vis absorption spectra were used to investigate how the reaction time varies with the temperature. The reaction was conducted at five different temperatures, 140–180 °C. As a result, an equation was developed to describe the relationship between them and to calculate the reaction time at any given reaction temperature. It was observed that the average diameter of the NWs was temperature-dependent and had a minimum value of 23 nm at a reaction temperature of 150 °C. A significant purification technique was conducted for the final product at a reaction temperature of 150 °C with two different speeds in the centrifuge to remove the heavy and light by-products. Based on these qualities, a AgNWs-based porous Si (AgNWs/P-Si) device was fabricated, and current-time pulsing was achieved using an ultra-violet (UV) irradiation of a 375 nm wavelength at four bias voltages of 1 V, 2 V, 3 V, and 4 V. We obtained a high level of sensitivity and detectivity with the values of 2247.49% and 2.89 × 1012 Jones, respectively. The photocurrent increased from the μA range in the P-Si to the mA range in the AgNWs/P-Si photodetector due to the featured surface plasmon resonance of the AgNWs compared to the other metals.