News On Plasmonic Sensing

Aug 19, 2020 not categories

Journal of Advanced Materials publishes a paper entitled as “A Plasmonic Sensor Array with Ultrahigh Figures of Merit and Resonance Linewidths down to 3 nm”

Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are extremely sensitive to the surrounding refractive index and have found important applications in ultrasensitive labelfree sensing. Reducing the linewidth of an SPP mode is an effective way to improve the fgure of merit (FOM) and hence the sensitivity of the plasmonic mode. Many efforts have been devoted to achieving a narrow linewidth by mode coupling, which inevitably results in an asymmetrical lineshape compromising the performance. Instead, the SPP modes are directly narrowed by elaborately engineering periodic plasmonic structures with minimized feature sizes to effectively reduce the radiative losses. A narrow linewidth smaller than 8 nm is achieved over a wide wavelength ranging from 600 to 960 nm and a minimum full width at half maximum of 3 nm at 960 nm. Benefting from the almost perfect Lorentzian lineshape and the extremely narrow linewidth, a record FOM value of 730 is obtained. The sensor is capable of detecting bovine serum albumin with an ultralow concentration of 10-10 m. The sensor has great potential for practical application for its ultrahigh FOM, broad working wavelength, and ease of high-throughput fabrication.

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