News On Plasmonic sensors

Jun 22, 2020 not categories

In this days, Nanophotonics Journal Publishes a new paper entitled as “Direct detection of charge and discharge process in supercapacitor by fiber-optic LSPR sensors”

Supercapacitors with high power density, ultralong lifespan and wide range operating temperature have drawn significant attention in recent years. However, monitoring the state of charge in supercapacitors in a cost-effective and flexible way is still challenging. Techniques such as transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction can analyze the characteristics of supercapacitor well. But with large size and high price, they are not suitable for daily monitoring of the supercapacitors’ operation. In this paper, a low cost and easily fabricated fiber-optic localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) probe is proposed to monitor the state of charge of the electrode in a supercapacitor. The Au nanoparticles were loading on the fiber core as LSPR sensing region. In order to implant the fiber in the supercapacitor, a reflective type of fiber sensor was used. The results show that this tiny fiber-optic LSPR sensor can provide online monitoring of the state of charge during the charging and discharging process in situ. The intensity shift in LSPR sensor has a good linear relationship with the state of charge calculated by standard galvanostatic charging and discharging test. In addition, this LSPR sensor is insensitive to the temperature change, presenting a great potential in practical applications.

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