News On Quantum Plasmonics

Jul 29, 2021 not categories

In this days, the journal of Advanced Materials publishes a new paper entitled as “Quantum Plasmonics: Energy Transport Through Plasmonic Gap”

At the interfaces of metal and dielectric materials, strong light–matter interactions excite surface plasmons; this allows electromagnetic field confinement and enhancement on the sub-wavelength scale. Such phenomena have attracted considerable interest in the field of exotic material-based nanophotonic research, with potential applications including nonlinear spectroscopies, information processing, single-molecule sensing, organic-molecule devices, and plasmon chemistry. These innovative plasmonics-based technologies can meet the ever-increasing demands for speed and capacity in nanoscale devices, offering ultrasensitive detection capabilities and low-power operations. Size scaling from the nanometer to sub-nanometer ranges is consistently researched; as a result, the quantum behavior of localized surface plasmons, as well as those of matter, nonlocality, and quantum electron tunneling is investigated using an innovative nanofabrication and chemical functionalization approach, thereby opening a new era of quantum plasmonics. This new field enables the ultimate miniaturization of photonic components and provides extreme limits on light–matter interactions, permitting energy transport across the extremely small plasmonic gap. In this review, a comprehensive overview of the recent developments of quantum plasmonic resonators with particular focus on novel materials is presented. By exploring the novel gap materials in quantum regime, the potential quantum technology applications are also searched for and mapped out.