News On Spintronic

Apr 28, 2022 not categories

In this days, the journal of Chinese Optics Letters publishes a new paper entitled as “Spintronic terahertz emitter with integrated electromagnetic control”

Spintronic thin films are considered as one of the promising terahertz (THz) source candidates, owing to their high performance and low cost. Much effort has been made to achieve spintronic THz sources with broadband and high conversion efficiency. However, the development of spintronic THz emitters with good compatibility, low cost, and miniaturized technology still faces many challenges. Therefore, it is urgent to extend commercial and portable spintronic THz emitters ton satisfy many practical applications. Herein, we design a new generation of spintronic THz emitters composed of an alternating electromagnet and a miniaturized electronic controller. Not only can this new type of spintronic THz emitter largely simplify the ancillary equipment for spintronic sources, it also has a twice larger THz signal compared to the traditional THz time-domain spectroscopy systems with a mechanical chopper. Experimental results and theoretical calculations for electromagnetic coils show that our design can stably generate THz signals that are independent of the frequency and magnetic field of alternating signals. As the spin thin film is optimized, a magnetic field as low as 75 G satisfies the requirement for high performance THz emission. Hence, not only is the efficiency of the pump power enhanced, but also the driving current in the electromagnet is decreased. We believe that it has a wide range of applications and profound implications in THz technology based on spintronic emitters in the future.