News on Plasmonic

In these days, the journal of small science published a new paper entitled as “Switching on Versatility: Recent Advances in Switchable Plasmonic Nanostructures” Plasmonic nanostructures are emerging as a promising avenue for nanophotonics due to their extreme light and thermal confinement, ultrafast manipulation processes, and potential uses in device miniaturization. However, their fixed functions have […]

News On Atomic Clock

In these days, the Journal of Applied Physics published a new paper entitled as “An additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a compact cold-atom clock” ABSTRACT- We present an additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a Ramsey-type, double resonance, compact cold-atom clock. Atoms can be laser cooled inside the cavity using a grating magneto-optic trap with the cavity providing […]

News On Photoacoustic Imaging

In these days, the Journal of Nano Convergence published a new paper entitled as “Functional photoacoustic imaging: from nano‑ and micro‑ to macro‑scale” Byullee Park, Donghyeon Oh, Jeesu Kim, and Chulhong Kim Functional photoacoustic imaging is a promising biological imaging technique that offers such unique benefits as scalable resolution and imaging depth, as well as […]

 New standard atomic vapor cells for Iran by Iranian group and Iranian Technology

Atomic Plasmonic Group

Congratulations for our new paper in JOSAB

Magneto-optical engineering by plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces in a CoFeB perforated microstructure N. S. Shnan, N. Roostaei, AND S. M. Hamidi We have investigated theoretically and experimentally the effect of plasmonic and all-dielectric metasurfaces on the magneto-optical response of the 2D periodic structure. For this purpose, we fabricate polydimethylsiloxane-based 2D microstructures. So, we coated them […]


In these days, the Journal of Light: Science & Applications published a new paper entitled as “Parameter estimation of the structured illumination pattern based on principal component analysis (PCA): PCA-SIM” Principal component analysis (PCA), a common dimensionality reduction method, is introduced into SIM to identify the frequency vectors and pattern phases of the illumination pattern with […]

News On Magneto-electric Sensors

In these days, the Journal of Nano Energy published a new paper entitled as “Self-powered elementary hybrid magnetoelectric sensor” There are numerous magnetic field sensors available, but no simple, robust, sensitive sensor for biomedical applications that does not require cryogenic cooling or shielding has yet been developed. In this contribution, a new approach for building […]

News On PC-based Sensors

In these days, the Journal of Plasmonics published a new paper entitled as “Ultrasensitive Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor for Identifying Various Explosives” The present work has been performed with an intent of designing a robust, profound, and highly sensitive sensor for numerous explosive detections. The main objective of the present study is to design a […]

News On Spintronic

In these days the journal of Photonics Research published a new paper entitled as “Promoting spintronic terahertz radiation via Tamm plasmon coupling” Spectral fingerprint and terahertz (THz) field-induced carrier dynamics demands the exploration of broadband and intense THz signal sources. Spintronic THz emitters (STEs), with high stability, a low cost, and an ultrabroad bandwidth, have […]

Many Congratulations

استاد عزیزمان، سرکارخانم دکتر حمیدی ریاست محترم آزمایشگاه مگنتوپلاسمونیک ارتقای شایسته سرکارعالی  به مرتبه استاد تمامی را صمیمانه تبریک گفته وتوفیق روزافزون شما را در جهت پیشبرد واعتلای اهداف آموزشی وپژوهشی پژوهشکده لیزر و پلاسما از درگاه خداوند متعال آرزو میکنیم. و من الله توفیق اعضای آزمایشگاه مگنتوپلاسمونیک

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