News On Metasurface for photocatalyst enhancement

In this days, the Journal of Nano select publishes a new paper entitled as “Two-dimensional photonic metasurfaces for slow light-controlled photocatalysis” Photocatalysis using semiconductor materials like titania (TiO2) is a key method for environmental purification or solar fuel generation. Nanostructures that maximize incident light absorption are highly desired to enhance depollution rate or solar-to-fuel conversion […]

News On Quantum Plasmonics

In this days, the journal of Advanced Materials publishes a new paper entitled as “Quantum Plasmonics: Energy Transport Through Plasmonic Gap” At the interfaces of metal and dielectric materials, strong light–matter interactions excite surface plasmons; this allows electromagnetic field confinement and enhancement on the sub-wavelength scale. Such phenomena have attracted considerable interest in the field […]

Congratulation for our new paper in Scientific Reports

Detection of Scorpion Venom by Optical Circular Dichroism Method Y. Mazhdi, S. M. Hamidi Various efforts have been made to detect minimum amounts of any toxic materials in water or the neurotoxic effect of venom (Odontobuthus Doriae Scorpion) in the humans҆ blood serum nerve by high-sensitivity, accurate, and low-cost sensors in order to enhance life […]

Congratulations for Our new paper in Journal of Physica Scirpta

Random laser action in the visible region by dye-based sliver Nano-hexagonal colloid media R. A. Ejbarah, J. M. Jassim, H. Yazdanfar, S. M. Hamidi In our attempt to reduce the threshold for dye-based random lasers, a new kind of random lasing media is demonstrated based on silver nano-hexagonal as scattering centers. For this purpose, we […]

News On Plasmonics

Journal of Sensors publishes a paper entitled as “Plasmonics for Telecommunications Applications” Abstract: Plasmonic materials, when properly illuminated with visible or near-infrared wavelengths, exhibit unique and interesting features that can be exploited for tailoring and tuning the light radiation and propagation properties at nanoscale dimensions. A variety of plasmonic heterostructures have been demonstrated for optical-signal […]

News On Bio-Photonics

The Journal of Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical published a paper entitled as “Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for enzyme-free amplified microRNA detection based on gold nanoparticles and DNA super sandwich” A novel enzyme-free amplified surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor for microRNA (miRNA) detection was developed based on gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) coupled with DNA supersandwich. In […]

Congratulations for Our New Paper in Waves in Random and Complex Media

Two-dimensional plasmonic multilayer as an efficient tool for low power random lasing applications Saddam F. Haddawi, Hammad R. Humud, Sakineh Almasi Monfared & S. M. Hamidi Multi wavelength lasing is desired in two-dimensional flexible plexcitonic nanostructures through surface lattice plasmon amplification. For this purpose, gold nano-rods covered by the gold dispersed Rhodamine B was used […]

News On Photocatalysis

In this days, the journal of Nano Research published a new paper entitled as “Helium droplet assisted synthesis of plasmonic Ag@ZnO core@shell nanoparticles” Plasmonic Ag@ZnO core@shell nanoparticles are formed by synthesis inside helium droplets with subsequent deposition and controlled oxidation. The particle size and shape can be controlled from spherical sub-10 nm particles to larger […]

Congratulations for our new paper in journal of Optical and Quantum electronics

One dimensional efficient photocatalyst based on plasmonic grating Y. AlIssa, S. M. Hamidi*, A. Shahnazi, M. R. Nabid We can summarize the benefits of the water photocatalysis by two words: clean energy and purification of pollutants, and its problems as the large energy gap and electron-hole recombination. Scientists are still looking for a semiconductor whose […]

Congratulations for our new paper in the European Physical Journal Plus

Role of Plasmonics in Detection of Deadliest Viruses: a Review Foozieh Sohrabi, Sajede Saeidifard, Masih Ghasemi, Tannaz Asadishad, Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi*, Seyed Masoud Hosseini Viruses have threatened animal and human lives since a long time ago all over the world. Some of these tiny particles have caused disastrous pandemics that killed a large number of […]