Our new paper in Applied Physics A

Feb 16, 2018 not categories

Congratulations for the publication of paper”New generation of α-MnO2 Nanowires @PDMS composite as a Hydrogen gas sensor”, in journal of  Applied Physics A, by  Seyedeh Mehri Hamidi1, Alireza Mosivand1, Mina Mahbobi1, Hadi Arabi, Narin Azad, Murtada Riyadh Jamal.

Abstract—New hydrogen gas sensor has been prepared by α-MnO2 nanowires in polydimethylsiloxane matrix. For this purpose, the high aspect ratio α-MnO2 nanowires has been prepared by the aid of Hydrothermal method and then dispersed into Poly-dimethyl siloxane polymer media. In order to gas sensing, the samples have been exposed under different gas concentrations from 0 to 5%. The sensor responses have been examined by normalized ellipsometric parameter with respect to the chamber fill with N2 Gas. Our results indicate linear behavior of resonance wavelength in ellipsometric parameter as a function of gas concentrations which can open the new insight for the sample’s capability to hydrogen gas sensing applications.

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