Our New paper in journal of magnetism and magnetic materials

Nov 20, 2017 not categories

Congratulations for the publication of paper “Enhanced Faraday rotation in one dimensional magneto-plasmonic structure due to Fano resonance” by S. Sadeghi and S. M. Hamidi.

Enhanced Faraday rotation in a new type of Magneto-plasmonic structure with the capability of Fano resonance, has been reported theoretically. A magneto-plasmonic structure composed of a Gold corrugated layer deposited on a magneto-optically active layer was studied by means of Lumerical software based on finite-difference time-domain. In our proposed structure, plasmonic Fano resonance and localized surface plasmon induced enhancement in magneto-optical Faraday rotation. It is shown that the influence of geometrical parameters in Au layer offers a desirable platform for engineering spectral position of Fano resonance and enhancement of Faraday rotation.

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