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Dec 13, 2019 not categories

Voltage Controlled Properties of Piezo-Magneto-Plasmonic Core/shell Nanoparticles

A. K. Kodeary, S. M. Hamidi, R. Moradlou

The present experimental study aimed to synthesize and evaluate the magneto-plasmonic and piezophotonic properties of Cobalt-based nanoparticles to introduce a new type of core/shell nanoparticles usable in biomedicine and optical applications. For these core/shell nanoparticles, Lead Zirconate Titanate (PbZrTiO3) and Gold as a partner of Cobalt were used in piezophotonic and magneto-plasmonic parts, respectively. Then, their bare nanoparticles and core/shell were prepared by laser ablation in liquid method by using Nd: YAG laser pulse irradiation in Poly vinyl pyrolidone (PVP), as well as water solution. In the next step, the linear optical properties of these nanostructures were measured by spectrometry and calculated by dipole approximation method. Based on the results, super paramagnetic or ferromagnetic properties in the core/shell nanoparticles were achieved by changing in the surrounding medium. In addition, very nice tunable and adjustable piezo magnetism was obtained by tracing nonlinear refractive index under external voltage and host mediums. The results can open new insight in piezo-magneto-plasmonic area for useful biomedical applications.

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